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Louisiana Oppresses Sex Workers

So, in 2003, in the case Lawrence vs. Texas, the US Supreme Court struck down all sodomy laws still existing (in 2003! What is wrong with people?). The basis of the majority opinion was that the 14th amendment provides the … Continue reading

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Bradley Manning

Adam Serwer (who is awesome, by the way) has a good (and depressing!) post up about the new developments with the detention of Bradley Manning, as does Glenn Greenwald. I am disappointed to see Obama’s descent into condoning maltreatment of … Continue reading

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Speaking of Immigrant Groups Participating in Violence

While I disagree with Keith Humphreys about the merits of the Supreme Court case that vindicated the Westboro “Baptist” Church”‘s right to make asses of themselves outside people’s funerals (I think the other eight justices were right in holding that … Continue reading

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I feel obligated to point out

… that Peter King’s ‘hearings’ are nothing more than glorified racism and religious intolerance, that his obsession with ferreting out The Terrorists Among Us is very likely to alienate the very Muslim community that he’s so worried is harboring TTAU, … Continue reading

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Well, My Plans to Post Regularly Here Certainly Withered Quickly

I suppose spring break will be a good time to start getting in the habit of posting regularly. In any case, fact of the day: Ezra Klein recently complained that no one knows what ‘stochastic’ means, so economists should stop … Continue reading

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