I Give Up

On trying to update regularly, at least until summer comes. In the meantime, this, via Feministing, about members of the Peace Corps who have been sexually assaulted and treated badly by the organization, made me roll my eyes:


The women say Mr. Williams’s efforts, while promising, are not enough. They want Congress to pass legislation requiring, among other things, that the Peace Corps develop “sexual assault response teams” to collect forensic evidence and provide emergency health care and advocacy for victims after attacks. Mr. Williams said he was open to such legislation but has not committed to supporting it.

But whether such a bill would pass Congress is unclear. Representative Niki Tsongas, Democrat of Massachusetts, is co-sponsoring Mr. Poe’s bill, but other Democrats are skittish about it. They worry that the legislation, and Wednesday’s hearing, might be used to undermine the Peace Corps — the legacy of a Democratic president — and cut its funding.

Oh, grow up. Rape is bad, organizations responding with victim-blaming to people who have been sexually assaulted is also bad, and insofar as an organization does such things it needs to be reformed. Is this so deeply difficult to understand? Whether or not the Republicans will use this as an excuse to gut one of St. Kennedy’s programs is really not the issue here. For God’s sake.

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