So on, etc., und so weiter

Came across this website by a journalist in Haiti while reading an article about the whole Mac McClellan mess. I know hardly anything about Haiti, and there are a lot of interesting revelations involving Wikileaks and US policy in Haiti. Surprise: it’s not that great. Case in point:

Washington’s decision to send thousands of troops in response to the 7.0 earthquake that rocked the Haitian capital and surrounding areas drew sharp criticism from aid workers and government officials around the world at the time. They criticized the militarized response to Haiti’s humanitarian crisis as inappropriate and counterproductive. French Cooperation Minister Alain Joyandet famously said that international aid efforts should be “about helping Haiti, not about occupying Haiti.”

Mark Rosenfelder is finally publishing one of the novels he’s been alluding to on his website forever. Check out his website, by the way; the guy has an extremely well-developed fantasy world with detailed conlangs (=constructed languages), and has a lot of resources about linguistics and conlanging that inspired me when I was but a wee lass, plus some nice comic reviews.

The Comics Curmudgeon continues to be hilarious.

After years of biding his time, Dennis has finally decided to go into environmental menacing. “Once those mountains have been leveled so we can get at the coal underneath them, and the forests have been stripped and replaced by endless cul-de-sacs filled with vulgar homes far too large for their lots, this will be a vista worth looking at, by God.”

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