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I Give Up

On trying to update regularly, at least until summer comes. In the meantime, this, via Feministing, about members of the Peace Corps who have been sexually assaulted and treated badly by the organization, made me roll my eyes: The … Continue reading

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Lives of the Saints

I just found out that Joan of Arc is the patron saint (among other things) of opposition to Church authorities. I was very surprised there was such a thing, but evidently there is! She shares this distinction with Teresa of … Continue reading

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Louisiana Oppresses Sex Workers

So, in 2003, in the case Lawrence vs. Texas, the US Supreme Court struck down all sodomy laws still existing (in 2003! What is wrong with people?). The basis of the majority opinion was that the 14th amendment provides the … Continue reading

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My First Post of Substance . . .

From the old blog, because I liked it, as a mission statement of sorts: These old posts by Lisa Harney are excellent. I especially liked this part: The other problem with this is that it conflates our desire to live … Continue reading

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